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I'm Going To Show You How To Find 911 Products And Grab As Much Targeted Traffic As You Can Handle Without Spending A CENT

What Do You Think? - Which of these people is most likely to buy from you?

1. Someone who is wholly convinced of the value of your product, thinks the price is fair and wants all those tempting time-sensitive bonuses you've offered  . . . and yet . . . because they don't feel an intense all-encompassing urgency . . . they decide to "Think about it". So they click off your site and --  fifty other equally tempting offers later -- they have completely forgotten about you and your amazing product – forever?


2. Someone who is convinced your product will solve the problem they have right now, doesn't care about the bonuses and just wants to get rid of their problem  fast?

Of course - they'll grab with both hands the product which comes to the rescue - the product which solves the problem FAST - The 911 Product.

BUT - You also need quality targeted traffic or nobody will know your 911 product even exists.

But image - JUST IMAGINE - how POWERFUL your online business would be if you could combine the two:


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From Tony Shepherd and Terry Jett:

Dear Friend,

Whenever I meet Internet Marketers, either newbie or highly successful, do you know what the single most common problem they have is? 

  Without exception, they tell me . . .

  Their # 1 constant concern is getting enough visitors to their website . . .

....and their # 2 concern is getting the visitors to buy their product when they get there.

They're dead right, of course. You see, you can hire the greatest webmaster on the net to build you the best website ever seen. You can pay an arm and a leg to the world's finest copywriter for the finest sales letter known to man. You can have the greatest product the world has ever seen.

  But, without adequate quality traffic coming to your site ready primed to buy, you're just playing at being a marketer.

  So I am about to reveal the insider secrets of not only getting shedloads of traffic to your web sites, but also how you can guarantee these are the most eager visitors you will ever encounter, absolutely desperate to buy what you are selling.

I have a system that combines two of the most powerful forces in Internet Marketing and fuses them together to ensure that not only do you get  desperate buyers who are eager for your product, but that they are frantic to get to your website too.

There's No need to waste money on Stone Age marketing

You see, what attracted me, and probably you to the internet, was all those millions of potential customers out there, just waiting to hand over their money to me if only I could find a formula for creating high-demand products time after time.

  Well I didn't 'stumble' over the answer, or 'find the secret'...


You can entice traffic to your website and make good money. You can have high-demand products and make good money


 Let's just get a couple of things straight now - YES I am going to show you actual  examples, methods, URL's and everything else you need to replicate the methods I use to make thousands of dollars each and every month.

And what's more you'll find a new sense of pride - not only because of the amount of cash you can earn, but because you'll find that people will almost line up to buy your products, because they're genuine, honest and helpful.

The visitors to your sites will be not only highly targeted and primed to buy from you, but they'll thank you for helping them with their problem. It's a nice feeling to get an email from a customer praising you for being such a caring helpful person, and it's even nicer to watch your bank balance fill up day after day while you're doing it.

I've taken a proven method and bolted on a turbocharger!

Don't worry if you're not into product creation - I'll show you a way around it that I use myself.

My formula not only creates a raging torrent of red hot interested traffic  for free . . ..you also get a bonus:  double billing on the search engines

 Oh - and if you're worried about not understanding search engines or anything too 'technical' don't worry about that either, because I'll show you everything you need to know in simple terms. 

I'm offering you a HUGE chance to jump on board the money train and get a big advantage over your competitors. 

In fact you probably won't think about your competitors very much once you've digested this remarkable system. 

I'll show you how you can create income streams that will still be pumping cash into your account years down the line. This system is so workable and effective that it can seriously change your income.

Too good to be true?

Nearly. But you'll have to put a little effort in yourself. The good news is your motivation won't fizzle out after a few days like many other Internet Marketing systems because you'll be able to see traffic and sales coming in quickly.

By using a combination of expert marketing techniques, little-known SEO, and stunning '911 Product' development you'll be able to create money generating websites time after time using the same formula.

The Big Guys in this business know what it's all about - if you can find a simple system that works, all you need to do is replicate it.

And that's where so many people go wrong. They find a way of making $100 a month. Very nice. But then they go off chasing the next 'big thing' without realizing that the way to quit their job, enjoy their lives and to get seriously wealthy is right in front of them.

I'm offering you a system that works - no doubt about that - I'll show you the proof, and how to replicate it over and over again as many times as you wish. You can stop when you can afford that Ferrari you wanted, or quit work or you can keep going until you have more money than you ever though possible from an online business.

Just imagine what a million interested visitors would do for your bank balance – and your life!

It means you can:

  • Finally get off that job treadmill!

  • Give the boss the sack!

  • Forget the daily commute to and from work

  • Spend time relaxing, knowing your automatic website is consistently churning out the cash!

  • Spend more quality time with your family!

  • Travel anywhere you fancy (provided it has an internet connection!)

  • Live permanently anywhere you fancy.

  • Stop racing against the clock!

  • Finally live life on your own terms!

 These are just some of the closely guarded insider secrets of the mega successful internet gurus you’ll discover in the

How practically all the big names on the internet, from Yanik Silver through Jim Edwards to yours truly, use these same simple techniques to get traffic to their sites

Where and how to automatically contact thousands of on-line publishers – in virtually any niche you wish - eager to send targeted traffic to your site.


How to use content to enrich your site, impress the search engines and keep visitors coming  back again and again.


How to find the most eager buyers in the world.  


How Google really works.


How to ensure the search engines look with favor on your site.


How to become regarded as an expert in your field


How to get extra mileage out of every line in your products


The right way to link with other websites. Get this right and your search engine rankings will go skyward.


How to wipe the smirk off your bank clerk's face.


And much, much more!

Laser-targeted traffic and products with built-in demand. What's that worth to you?

I'll put it another way - working from home, quitting your 9-5 and feeling like an independent Human Being again.

What's THAT worth to you?

Make no mistake, using dubious search engine advertising and other costly methods can clear your bank account out faster than a hacker. So a proven method that brings you the sort of traffic and orders, like the one I am offering to show you here, and using my system that won't cost you a cent to launch, is nothing less than the keys to the kingdom.

So how much do you think it's worth for a system that removes all the risk of losing your shirt on adverts that don't pay?  

Think about it - you'll never have to worry about Adwords, or any sort of Pay Per Click advertising again.

You could easily lose $1,000 a week on advertising that bombs. 

So wouldn't that $1,000  be a reasonable price for proven, battled-hardened methods that won't merely cover your advertising for a single week, but will continue to make you money for as long as the internet is around?

..Nor will you be in business only at the whim of some search engine whiz kid who could vaporize your traffic flows overnight and destroy your business in a New York minute. 

And how often have you heard of successful Pay Per Click Businesses going under just because some technical guy decided to move the goalposts?

It's happening more and more...

You can forget worrying about that with The Double Genius System.

In short, $1,000 would be a bargain - In fact if you implement this system you could make $1,000 in no time at all....... 

......but here's the really good news. . . 

I'm not charging $497 as suggested by one top marketer.

I'm not even charging $297 as would often be the price of such information.

  Tony may be asking for $97 when this product goes 'live' but for now...

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GUARANTEE: Get your copy of "The Double Genius System" right now and read it over. Try the information out. Put it into action. If you're  for any reason at all not 100% satisfied, send me an email within 90 days after purchasing, and I will personally refund every penny of your money, no questions asked. It's as simple as that.


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Terry Jett

Tony Shepherd