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Craigslist Marketer Pro Ebook and Video Tutorial!



"In case anyone's still undecided about purchasing a copy of Craigslist Marketer Pro here is my quick review.

I found it to be a well-written, thoroughly detailed roadmap for your Craigslist marketing success regardless of what product or service you sell.  Steve provides you with the exact strategy he uses daily to create 10 listings per day, for a total of 70 per week, every  week with minimal chance of the Craigslist robots recognizing that each listing is virtually  the same great ad!  That technique alone is worth a great deal more than the price of the book.  Here is why...

Steves method allows you to dramatically increase your number of sticky Craigslist postings per day, which has a direct effect on the considerable amount of visitors to your  website for ZERO dollars!  And that's a hands-down winner for anyone's posting  efforts. 

One of the problems that many online marketers face is that they lack sufficient resources to take advantage of a pay-per-click campaign or other costly methods to drive traffic to their websites.  I believe that Steve's "Craigslist Marketer Pro" has provided a simple and very effective way to generate free traffic to your website in addition to being able to earn a tidy sum from marketing your own products or services, as well as promoting affiliate products. 

If you'll make an initial investment of about 3 or 4 hours to set up your new Craigslist marketing business exactly as Steve outlines in his book and video, the future maximum amount of time necessary to devote to your business on a daily basis will be about 10 to 15 minutes. "Consistency is the key."

I also appreciate that Steve has provided a tool that will assist you in keeping neatly organized, detailed records of your Craigslist posting activities. And in the event that you need assistance creating a professional image for your ad, Steve also offers very affordable services through his graphic design company. He has truly provided a step-by-step process for this business.

Whats the absolute best part of Craigslist Marketer Pro? ANYONE can set up and maintain this business for FREE!  Its a blank check to cash in on a great opportunity...Well done Steve!"

Mary Ann L. Barlow


Thanks so much for allowing me to use your "Craigslist Marketer Pro" Package! 

A few minutes of quiet time and a slow reading of "Craigslist Marketer Pro" will give anyone a positive method of turning this free resource into cash in the bank. 

If you can read, follow directions, and put to use what you've learned, you're well on your way to Craigslist success.  The only thing you need to do... Take Action!"

Pete Egeler


This is too cool!! 

I've advertised on Craigslist for years, but never could figure out how to use graphics.  I tried to search other people's source code, but never got it 'just right.' 

But, after reading your book, I had an ... 'Ah-Ha' moment.

A HUGE light went on in my head, as I began to think of the possibilities that this information affords. 

The details in Craigslist Marketing Pro is worth ten times more than what you're charging!

I have to admit, after posting my first image ad, I felt pretty proud!Now, I have what it takes to be in the top 1% of all Craigslist Marketers! And believe me, I'm going to stay there!!

Thank you, so much."

William Noel



Wow what an easy read and right to the point! Steve the way that you laid out "CraigsList Marketer Pro" is nothing short of amazing!  

Your step by step approach in the Video Tutorial makes it possible for the complete novice to post their ads within minutes of viewing and the e-book will makes the seasoned pro look like an advertising genius.  

Anyone who wants to see immediate results with their online marketing efforts starting the same day using Craigslist and what you recommend in "CraigsList Marketers Pro" needs to get this book NOW!  

Steve, Thanks for such an awesome tool!" 

R J Okuszka

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Seriously,  Craigslist CAN help you or your business double sales, find new leads, spy on your competition and more...!  If THAT isn't worth $17 bucks, then I don't know what is...

John Neila

P.S. Remember,  you get the ebook "Craigslist Marketer Pro" plus Ad Spreadsheet AND the list of the 30 High Traffic Cities and also the 22 Minute Video all to get you started immediately!


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