L-number catfish articles

The L-numbers are listed below in numerical order. 

The preceding number holds precedence over the higher or "alternative" L-numbers; but can sometimes be used to describe the same species or type from another locality.

L-number Alternative L- or LDA-numbers Scientific name Common name(s)
L001 L022 Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus Gold spot pleco, Marbled sailfin pleco
L002 L074 Panaque sp. Tiger peckoltia
L003 Baryancistrus sp. Kieser pleco
L004 L005, L028, L073 Hypancistrus sp. Angelicus pleco, Zebra pleco
L005 L004, L028, L073 Hypancistrus sp. Angelicus pleco, Zebra pleco
L006 Hemiancistrus oligospilus Brown Dot Peckoltia
L007 Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias Galaxy pleco, Tusken pleco, Vampire pleco
L008 Peckoltia sp. Leopard Peckoltia
L009 Peckoltia sp. Smoky Peckoltia
L010 Loricaria lata
L010a Rineloricaria sp. Red Lizard Catfish, Red Whiptail Catfish
L011 L035, L108, L116 Hypostomus cf. emarginata Thresher pleco, Red fin thresher pleco
L012 Peckoltia sp.
L013 Peckoltia sp.
L014 Scobinancistrus aureatus Goldie Pleco, Sunshine Pleco
L015 Peckoltia vittata Candy stripe pleco
L016 Ancistrini sp.
L017 Hopliancistrus sp.
L018 L085 Baryancistrus sp. Gold nugget pleco
L019 Oligancistrus sp.
L020 Spectracanthicus sp.
L021 L023 Pterygoplichthys pardalis Common pleco
L022 L001 Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus
L023 L021 Pterygoplichthys pardalis Common pleco
L024 Pseudacanthicus sp. Flame pleco, Red fin cactus pleco
L025 Pseudacanthicus sp. Scarlet pleco
L026 Baryancistrus niveatus
L027a L330 Panaque sp. cf.nigrolineatus Watermelon pleco
L027b Panaque sp. cf. nigrolineatus Olive royal pleco, Teles Pires royal pleco
L027 Tapajos L027 Panaque armbrusteri Tapajos royal pleco, Golden line royal pleco
L027 Tocantins L027, L027c 'Panaque sp. cf. nigrolineatus Tocantins royal pleco, Platinum royal pleco
L027 Xingu L027, L027c Panaque sp. cf. nigrolineatus Xingu royal pleco, Longnosed royal pleco
L028 L004, L005, L073 Hypancistrus sp. Angelicus pleco
L029 Leporacanthicus galaxias Galaxy pleco, Tusken pleco, Vampire pleco
L030 Oligancistrus sp.
L031 L176, L300, LDA04 Parancistrus nudiventris Peppermint pleco
L032 Ancistrus sp.
L033 Lasiancistrus sp.
L034 Ancistrus ranunculus Medusa pleco
L035 L011, L108, L116 Hypostomus cf. emarginata Thresher pleco, Red fin thresher pleco
L036 Hemiancistrus spilomma
L037a Hypostomus faveolus
L037 Hypostomus sp.
L038 Peckoltia sp.
L039 Pseudancistrus niger
L040 Harttia surinamensis
L041 Pseudancistrus brevispinis
L042 Rineloricaria cf. platyura Pearlscale whiptail
L043 Ancistrus sp.
L044 Lithoux planquettei
L045 Ancistrus sp.
L046 L098, L173 Hypancistrus zebra Zebra pleco
L047 Baryancistrus sp. Magnum pleco, Mango pleco
L048 'Scobinancistrus cf. pariolispos
L049 Peckoltia sp.
L050 Hypostomus cf. cochliodon Spotted Cochliodon, Spotted Humpbacked Pleco
L051 L281 Hypostomus latifrons
L052 Dekeyseria' sp. Butterfly pleco, Flounder pleco
L053 Harttia sp.
L054 Hypostomus sp.
L055 Peckoltia sp.
L056 Pseudancstrus sp.
L057 Baryancistrus sp.
L059 Ancistrus sp.
L060 Hypostomus cf. nematopterus
L061 Peckoltia sp.
L063 Pseudacanthicus sp. cf. serratus
L064 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L065 Pseudacanthicus sp. Blizzard Cactus Pleco, Mustang Cactus Pleco
L066 Hypancistrus sp. King tiger pleco, Scribbled pleco, Network pleco
L067 Pseudancistrus sp.
L068 Ancistrini sp.
L069 Ancistrini sp.
L070 Hypancistrus sp. Zombie pleco
L071 L181, L249 Ancistrus sp.
L072 Peckoltia sp.
L073 L004, L005, L028 Hypancistrus sp. Angelicus pleco
L074 L002 Panaque sp. Tiger peckoltia
L075 L124, L301, LDA02 Hemiancistrus sabaji Para Pleco
L076 Peckoltia sp. Orange seam pleco
L077 Hypostomus sp. Bruno pleco, Rusty pleco, Violet pleco
L078 Hypostomus sp.
L079 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L080 Peckoltia sp.
L081 Baryancistrus sp. Gold nugget pleco
L082 Ancistrini sp. Opal spot pleco, Polka-dot cigar pleco
L083 L165 Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps Sailfin pleco
L084 Baryancistrus sp.
L085 L018 Baryancistrus sp. Gold nugget pleco
L086 LDA14 Oligancistrus sp.
L087 Hypostomus sp.
L088 Ancistrus sp.
L089 Ancistrus sp.
L090 Panaque bathyphilus Papa Panaque
L091 Leporacanthicus triactis Three beacon pleco
L092 L194 Lasiancistrus tentaculatus Woodeating Lasiancistrus
L093 L153, L195 Hypostomus villarsi Blue fin thresher pleco
L094 L123 Hypostomus ammophilus
L095 Pseudorinelepis ginebarbis
L096 L160 Pseudacanthicus spinosus Coffee & cream pleco, Spiny monster pleco
L097 Pseudacanthicus sp. Polka dot cactus pleco
L098 L046, L173 Hypancistrus zebra Zebra pleco
L099 Peckoltia sp.
L100 LDA75 Ancistrus sp.
L101 Hypostomus sp.
L102 Hypancistrus inspector Snowball pleco
L103 Peckoltia sp.
L104 L162, LDA22 Panaque maccus Clown Pleco
L105 Panaque sp.
L106 Hemiancistrus guahiborum Spotted orange seam pleco
L107 L184 Ancistrus sp. Brilliant bristlenose pleco
L108 L011, L035, L116 Hypostomus cf. emarginata Thresher pleco, Red fin thresher pleco
L109 Hypostomus cf. unicolor
L110 L157 Ancistrus sp. Red spot bristlenose
L111 Ancistrus sp.
L112 Hypostomus sp.
L113 L234 Megalancistrus parananus
L114 LDA07 Pseudacanthicus leopardus Leopard cactus pleco
L115 L248 Baryancistrus sp. Mega Snowball pleco
L116 L011, L035, L108 Hypostomus cf. emarginata Thresher pleco, Red fin thresher pleco
L117 Hypostomus sp.
L118 Hypostomus sp.
L119 Hypostomus sp.
L120 Ancistrus sp. Black fin bristlenose
L121 L135, L305 Peckoltia braueri Worm line peckoltia
L122 Pseudancistrus sp. Spotted orange seam pleco
L123 L094 Hypostomus ammophilus
L124 L075, L301, LDA02 Hemiancistrus sabaji Para Pleco
L125 L150 Ancistrus sp.
L126 Pseudancistrus orinoco
L127 L207 Ancistrini sp.
L128 Hemiancistrus sp. Blue phantom pleco
L129 Hypancistrus debilittera Colombian zebra pleco
L130 Hypostomus sp.
L131 Hypostomus sp.
L132 Hypostomus sp.
L133 Scobinancistrus sp.
L134 Peckoltia sp. Leopard frog pleco
L135 L121, L305 Peckoltia braueri Worm line peckoltia
L136 L136a, L136b, LDA05, LDA06 Hypancistrus sp.
L137 Hypostomus soniae Blue eyed red fin pleco
L138 Hypostomus sp.
L139 Hypostomus sp.
L140 LDA61, LDA62 Peckoltia sp.
L141 L215 Peckoltia snethlageae
L142 LDA33 Baryancistrus sp. Big White Spot Pleco
L143 Lasiancistrus sp.
L144 Ancistrus sp. Black eyed yellow bristlenose
L145 Hypostomus sp.
L146 L232, LDA30 Peckoltia ucayalensis Bola pleco
L147 Peckoltia sp.
L148 Ancistrus sp.
L149 Ancistrus sp.
L150 L125 Ancistrus sp.
L151 L216 Dekeyseria scaphirhyncha Flat head pleco
L152 Pseudorinelepis sp. Pineapple pleco
L153 L093, L195 Hypostomus villarsi Blue fin thresher pleco
L154 Pterygoplichthys sp.
L155 Acanthicus hystrix Lyretail pleco
L156 Ancistrus sp.
L157 L110 Ancistrus sp. Red spot bristlenose
L158 Hypancistrus sp.
L159 Ancistrus sp.
L160 L096 Pseudacanthicus spinosus Coffee & cream pleco, Spiny monster pleco
L161 Hypostomus faveolus
L162 L104, LDA22 Panaque maccus Clown Pleco
L163 Peckoltia sp. Big spot peckoltia
L164 Pterygoplichthys sp.
L165 L083 Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps Sailfin pleco
L166 Hypostomus sp.
L167 Hypostomus sp.
L168 Dekeyseria brachyura Butterfly pleco, Flounder pleco
L169 LDA01 Panaque sp. Gold Stripe Panaque
L170 Peckoltia sp.
L171 LDA15 Hopliancistrus sp.
L172 LDA33 Baryancistrus sp. Big whitespot pleco
L173 L046, L098 Hypancistrus zebra Zebra pleco
L174 Hypancistrus sp.
L175 Oligancistrus sp.
L176 Parancistrus nudiventris Peppermint pleco
L177 Baryancistrus sp. Iriri gold nugget pleco
L178 Lasiancistrus sp. Red fin Lasiancistrus
L179 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L180 Ancistrus sp.
L181 L071, L249 Ancistrus sp.
L182 Ancistrus hoplogenys Starlight bristlenose pleco
L183 Ancistrus dolichopterus Starlight bristlenose catfish
L184 L107 Ancistrus sp. Brillian bristlenose pleco
L185 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L186 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L187, L187a, L187b, Chaetostoma sp. Blonde rubbernose bulldog pleco
L190 Panaque nigrolineatus Royal pleco
L191 Panaque sp. Dull Eyed Royal pleco
L192 Hypostomus sp.
L193 Acanthicus sp.
L194 L092 Lasiancistrus tentaculatus Woodeating Lasiancistrus
L195 L093, L153 Hypostomus villarsi Blue fin thresher pleco
L196 Pterygoplichthys literatus
L197 Ancistrini sp.
L198 Ancistrini sp.
L199 Hypancistrus furunculus
L200 Baryancistrus demantoides
L200 Hemiancistrus subviridis Green pleco, Lemon spotted green pleco
L201 Hypancistrus contradens
L202 Peckoltia sp.
L203 LDA65 Panaque schaeferi Titanic pleco, Volkswagen pleco
L204 Panaque sp. Flash pleco
L205 Peckoltia sp.
L206 Panaque sp.
L207 L127 Ancistrini sp.
L208 Ancistrini sp.
L209 Peckoltia sp.
L210 Ancistrini sp.
L211 L295 Peckoltia sp.
L212 Hopliancistrus tricornis
L213 Ancistrus sp.
L214 Peckoltia sp.
L215 L141 Peckoltia snethlageae
L216 L151 Dekeyseria scaphirhyncha Flat head pleco
L218 L247 Peckoltia sp.
L219 Baryancistrus sp.
L220 Pseudancistrus sp.
L221 L223 Pseudancistrus sp.
L222 Hypostomus sp.
L223 L221 Pseudancistrus sp.
L224 Hypostomus sp.
L226 LDA26 Panaque changae Iquitos tiger pleco
L227 Hypostomus sp.
L228 Lasiancistrus sp.
L229 Hypostomus sp.
L232 L146, LDA30 Peckoltia ucayalensis Bola pleco
L233 LDA09 Hypostomus sp.
L234 L113 Megalancistrus parananus
L235 Pseudolithoxus anthrax Flyer cat
L236 Hypancistrus sp.
L237 Ancistrus sp.
L238 LDA40 Delturus sp. Brook pleco
L239 Ancistrini sp. Blue Panaque
L240 Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias
L241 Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias
L242 Hypostomus sp.
L243 Peckoltia sp.
L244 Pseudolithoxus dumus
L245 Hypostomus sp.
L246 Hypostomus sp.
L247 L218 Peckoltia sp.
L249 L071, L181 Ancistrus sp.
L250 Hypancistrus sp.
L251 Pseudancistrus sp.
L252 Ancistrini sp.
L253 Scobinancistrus sp.
L254 Spectracanthicus sp.
L255 Ancistrus sp. Spotted medusa pleco
L256 Lithoxus sp.
L257 Pseudolithoxus tigris
L258 Parancistrus sp.
L259 LDA32 Pseudancistrus sp.
L260 Hypancistrus sp. Queen Arabesque pleco
L261 Ancistrini sp.
L262 Hypancistrus sp.
L263 Leporacanthicus sp.
L264 Leporacanthicus joselimai Sultan pleco
L265 Peckoltia sp.
L266 Hypostomus sp.
L267 Ancistrus sp.
L268 Ancistrini sp.
L269 Ancistrini sp.
L270 L307, LDA76 Hypancistrus sp. Chocolate zebra pleco, Tapajos zebra pleco
L271 Panaque sp.
L272 Panaque sp.
L273 Pseudacanthicus sp. Titanicus pleco
L274 Baryancistrus sp.
L275 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L278 Peckoltia sp.
L279 LDA58 Ancistrus sp.
L280 Ancistrini sp.
L281 L051 Hypostomus latifrons
L282 Pseudacanthicus sp. King galaxy cactus pleco
L283 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L284 Hypostomus sp.
L285 Hypostomus sp.
L286 Hypostomus sp.
L287 Hypancistrus sp.
L288 Peckoltia sp.
L289 Ancistrus sp.
L290 L291 Hypostomus cf. horrida
L291 L290 Hypostomus cf. horrida
L292 Ancistrus sp.
L293 Ancistrus sp.
L294 Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias
L295 L211 Peckoltia sp.
L296 Panaque sp.
L297 Hypancistrus sp.
L298 Hypostomus sp.
L299 Pseudancistrus sp.
L300 Parancistrus nudiventris Peppermint pleco
L301 L075, L124, LDA02 Hemiancistrus sabaji Para Pleco
L302 Lasiancistrus sp.
L303 Hypostomus macushi
L304 Ancistrus sp.
L305 L121, L135 Peckoltia braueri Worm line peckoltia
L306 LDA64 Panaque sp.
L307 L270, LDA76 Hypancistrus sp. Chocolate zebra pleco, Tapajos zebra pleco
L308 Hypostomus sp.
L309 Ancistrus sp.
L310 LDA51 Hypostomus cochliodon
L311 Hypostomus sp.
L312 LDA71 Lasiancistrus cf. caucanus
L313 Pterygoplichthys sp.
L314 LDA56 Leporacanthicus sp. Sultan pleco
L315 Spectracanthicus sp.
L316 Hypancistrus sp. Jari zebra pleco
L318 Hypancistrus sp.
L319 Baryancistrus sp.
L320 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L321 Pseudancistrus sp.
L322 Lasiancistrus saetiger
L323 Baryancistrus sp.
L324 Baryancistrus sp.
L325 Ancistrus sp.
L326 Leporacanthicus sp.
L327 Ancistrus sp.
L328 Pseudolithoxus sp.
L329 LDA27, LDA28 Panaque sp. Panaque Peru Orange Lyretail
L330 L027a Panaque sp. cf. nigrolineatus Watermelon pleco
L331 Hypostomus sp.
L332 Parancistrus sp.
L333 Hypancistrus sp.
L337 Lasiancistrus sp.
L338 LDA16 Ancistrus sp.
L339 Hypancistrus lunaorum
L340 Hypancistrus sp. Mega clown pleco
L341 Panaque sp.
L342 Hypostomus sp.
L343 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L344 Ancistrus sp.
L345 Hypancistrus sp.
L346 Hypostomus sp.
L347 Pterygoplichthys sp.
L349 LDA45 Ancistrus sp.
L350 Ancistrini sp. Coal pleco, Peruvian lyre-tail
L351 Panaque sp.
L352 Ancistrus sp.
L353 Oligancistrus sp.
L354 Oligancistrus sp.
L355 Ancistrus sp.
L356 Hypostomus sp.
L357 Ancistrus sp.
L358 Peckoltia sp.
L359 Ancistrus sp.
L360 Hypostomus sp.
L361 Hopliancistrus sp.
L362 Scobinancistrus' sp.
L363 Oligancistrus sp.
L364 Baryancistrus sp.
L365 Lasiancistrus sp.
L366 Hypostomus sp.
L367 Hypostomus sp.
L368 Scobinancistrus sp.
L369 Ancistrus sp.
L370 Ancistrus sp.
L373 Oligancistrus sp.
L374 Panaque sp.
L375 Pseudacanthicus cf. spinosus
L376 Hypostominae sp.
L377 Peckoltia sp.
L378 Ancistrus sp.
L379 Hypostomus sp.
L380 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L381 Hypostomus sp.
L382 Peckoltia sp.
L383 Pseudancistrus sp.
L384 Baryancistrus sp.
L385 Pseudolithoxus sp.
L386 Lasiancistrus sp.
L387 Peckoltia sp.
L388 Hypostomus sp.
L389 Hypostomus sp.
L390 Hypostomus sp.
L391 Oligancistrus sp.
L392 Ancistrus sp.
L393 Ancistrus sp.
L394 Hypostomus sp.
L395 Panaque sp.
L396 Ancistrus sp.
L397 Panaque sp.
L398 Panaque sp.
L399 Hypancistrus sp.
L400 Hypancistrus sp.
L401 Hypancistrus sp.
L403 Panaque sp.
L404 Hypancistrus sp.
L405 Peckoltia sp.
L406 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L407 Acanthicus sp.
L408 Chaetostoma sp.
L409 Chaetostoma sp.
L410 Hypancistrus sp.
L411 Hypancistrus sp.
L412 Chaetostoma sp.
L413 Chaetostoma sp.
L414 Chaetostoma sp.
L415 Chaetostoma sp.
L416 Chaetostoma sp.
L417 Oligancistrus sp.
L418 Panaque sp.
L419 Hypostomus sp.
L420 Pseudacanthicus sp.
L421 Ancistrus sp.
L422 Hopliancistrus sp.
L423 Ancistrus sp.
L424 Hemiancistrus sp.
L425 Panaque sp.
L426 Panaque sp.
L427 Lithoxus sp.
L600 LDA73 Pseudacanthicus leopardus